Who We Are

Hire Harlem is your resource to identify and support businesses that uplift your community. Use our tools to find businesses that hire locally, revinest in the community or are owned by historically underrepresented groups. Read our stories about their philanthropic efforts, attend our events, get involved!


  1. Nurture businesses owned by women and people of color
  2. Incentivize more businesses, particularly large corporate chains, to give back to local non-profits, schools or community-based organizations
  3. Incentivize more business to hire locally or from other neighborhoods with high unemployment rates

The Problem

Wealth disparities have existed for generations. More recently, gentrification has widened inequities by increasing housing and commercial real estate costs as well as the price of basic goods. Without a concentrated effort from ALL community members, gentrification will continue to push out small businesses as well as long-time residents. Below are the facts on the ground:

Our Approach

One person can’t do much to stop these huge economic forces but collectively our everyday actions can make an impact. If you decide to support businesses that create local jobs, give back to the community, or are owned by historically underrepresented groups, then WE can increase equality. Below is our approach to that end.

  • Profile Black, Latinx and women owned businesses across the community
  • Highlight successful examples of giving back and hiring locally
  • Plug these businesses with critical citywide resources to help support them obtain what they need
  • Partner with trusted workforce development organizations to help place more youth with supportive local businesses
  • Encourage (larger) businesses to be positive community stewards by example